Peekya App hires global law firm Hausfeld for antitrust case claiming Google has monopolized mobile app marketplace

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (San Francisco, CA) – Peekya App Services, Inc., on behalf of itself and all others similarly situated and represented by leading global claimant firm Hausfeld, has filed suit in federal court in the Northern District of California against Google for alleged anticompetitive and unlawful practices related to its Google Play app store. This antitrust class action focuses on Google’s monopolization of the mobile application marketplace, which has caused app developers to pay Google exorbitant fees – specifically, a 30 percent tariff on apps that Google had no part in creating or developing, depriving these innovative app developers of hard-earned profits that they would otherwise receive for their work product in a competitive market.

Google’s Play Store is Google’s applications store for mobile phones and tablets using the Android operating system. It is now home to 2.96 million apps, making it the biggest app store in the world.  The vast majority of those apps were not developed by Google, but rather by independent app developers. Software developers have no choice but to use Google’s marketplace. As alleged, Google has maintained, abused and leveraged its monopoly power through anticompetitive restraints it has imposed on device manufacturers, app developers, and consumers, in order to extract from developers a supracompetitive 30% tax on paid apps downloaded from Google Play.

According to Francois Einwaechter, Director of Peekya App Services, Inc.: “Google controls an essential bridge to reaching hundreds of millions of app users, and the toll that Google charges to use that bridge has no relationship to the security or cost of maintaining an app store. Sure, Google provides a service, and app developers understand that Google is entitled to make a profit. But Google has abused its dominant position atop the market to charge an unfair, outrageously high and anticompetitive fee to get access to a critical service – and Google intentionally has put up roadblocks to try to build or use other bridges to reach consumers. We aim to change that, to make this market more competitive, to preserve incentives for app developers who bring terrific products to market, and to lower costs for app developers and consumers.”

As alleged, Google’s anticompetitive conduct has deterred entry by would-be competitors, stifled innovation by controlling the manner in which Android apps are distributed, increased prices to app developers and consumers, and reduced output by reducing app developers’ capital and incentives for creating new apps.   

Bonny Sweeney, co-chair of Hausfeld’s US Antitrust practice and one of the lead partners on the case commented: “Giant platform companies like Google have achieved unprecedented power. Hausfeld is proud to be paving the way for the enforcement of antitrust laws in these technological markets.”

Hausfeld attorneys working on this case include Bonny E. Sweeney, Scott A. Martin, Melinda R. Coolidge, Katie R. Beran, and Samantha Stein.


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