Michael Hausfeld receives Global Competition Review’s Lifetime Achievement Award

During the annual GCR Awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 28 in Washington, DC, Global Competition Review bestowed a special Lifetime Achievement Award on Michael Hausfeld, Hausfeld’s Chair Emeritus. The Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious award presented annually to outstanding competition lawyers, academics, economists, enforcers, and judges nominated by peers within the global competition law community for their contributions to the development of competition law throughout their careers. 

Michael received the award this year along with Rod Sims AO, the former chair of Australia's competition regulator, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

A zealous advocate for claimants, Michael has been widely recognized for his leadership in complex and groundbreaking antitrust/competition cases that span industry and geography, including achieving record-breaking recoveries in In re Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust LitigationIn re Foreign Exchange Antitrust Benchmark Litigation, In re Air Freight Services Antitrust Litigation, and In re Vitamins Antitrust Litigation, and for transforming college athletics through O’Bannon v NCAA. His distinguished career is also notable for helping to expand the boundaries of private enforcement of competition laws in Europe and around the world.

Global Co-Chair Anthony Maton, who introduced Michael at the GCR event, celebrated his recognition: “This Lifetime Achievement Award reflects the significant impact Michael has had on competition law around the globe. In the beginning, Michael’s vision was considered nuts. However, through his scholarship, speaking, and practice, Michael has led the way against the strongest of headwinds in opening doors and minds with enforcers, courts, lawyers, and parties on both sides of the plaintiff/defendant divide. His approach, determination, and vision has fundamentally changed for the better the private enforcement regime and thereby enhanced the purpose of competition/antitrust law."

Michael commented: “The moral of the tale is that we, as responsible guardians of the Rule of Law, should never blindly accept matters as they are. We should not write off hopes or needs as being seemingly impossible. We should not dismiss as an unreachable dream, what we believe could or should be, but rather see it as a steppingstone to a better reality.”

Hausfeld is proud to celebrate Michael’s pioneering career, and we are committed to his legacy of pursuing access to justice for victims of anticompetitive and other illegal conduct. 

On behalf of our entire team, we are so proud of Michael and congratulate him on this deserved recognition.

2023 GCR Awards article.