Digital Markets

Digital Markets

Hausfeld’s global Digital Markets practice combines the sophisticated understanding of the emerging legal, economic, and business implications of anticompetitive behavior and data management involving big technology companies, digital platforms, and the ecosystems they support with the expertise of one of the largest and most successful plaintiffs' private enforcement teams in the US, UK, and EU.

Few law firms are investigating and litigating more cases in the technology sector across the globe on behalf of businesses and individuals impacted by anticompetitive activity and data privacy violations than Hausfeld.

Clients affected by Digital Markets anticompetitive conduct rely on our Antitrust/Competition team for our expertise and history of success both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We have successfully challenged hundreds of global cartels, conspiracies among would-be competitors, monopolies, and other anti-competitive practices. We work with a diverse range of clients from small-to-mediums sized technology companies, trade and industry associations, public entities, and private individuals, including consumers, artists, musicians, and app developers.

On the data privacy front, Hausfeld has long been a recognized as a leader in cybersecurity and privacy litigation and has been involved in many of the largest and most cutting-edge data breach and privacy cases – both in the US and in Europe. Hausfeld’s Technology & Data Breach attorneys have led dozens of cases and been pioneers in seeking compensation for victims of data breaches and privacy violations. Hausfeld has contributed to the development of privacy law in the United States and abroad. We have recovered billions of dollars of benefits for consumers and other entities in legal actions against retailers, healthcare companies, credit bureaus, and others whose ineffective security measures led to the exfiltration of private information. We have also been in seeking enhanced business practice changes to ensure that such data is protected in the future.

Digital Markets Perspectives

Hausfeld lawyers regularly provide insights on landmark judgments, market investigations, regulatory decisions, and legal developments in the global Big Tech sector. In addition to antitrust and competition, our lawyers are sought-after thought leaders on topics such as artificial intelligence, data privacy, the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act, copyright, and media regulation.

  • Hausfeld co-hosts the Antitrust and 21st Century Bigness: Dealing with Tech Platforms in a Globalized World symposium with New York University School of Law, bringing together an estimate group of expert panelists—scholars, practitioners, and enforcers, from the US and Europe—to discuss antitrust issues being addressed in the courts and playing out legislatively in the US and abroad. Topics discussed include monopolization and abuse of dominance, antitrust issues in Big Tech acquisitions, the impact existing competition law has on Big Tech firms, the recent rise of artificial intelligence and its possible impact on the competitive landscape, and proposed legislation and regulatory changes to address anticompetitive behavior by Big Tech firms.
  • Hausfeld’s quarterly Competition Bulletin covers emerging Big Tech and digital markets issues from a legal and industry perspective by Hausfeld lawyers.

Hausfeld has achieved outstanding results in competition cases against digital companies across the jurisdictions in which we operate and has reached groundbreaking settlements on behalf of victims of data breaches and privacy violations.