Antitrust / Competition

Antitrust / Competition

Few US law firms are litigating more antitrust cases on behalf of businesses and individuals damaged by anticompetitive activity than Hausfeld. Clients impacted by cartels or other anticompetitive conduct rely on us for our antitrust expertise and our history of success both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Not only relied on by business clients, federal courts also have specifically appointed and trusted Hausfeld to pursue recoveries in more than 30 antitrust damage actions in the last ten years.

In 2023, for a fifth consecutive year, Hausfeld has been recognized as one of the leading claimant firms for recovery in antitrust litigation in the US. In the 2022 Antitrust Annual Report, published by the Center for Litigation and Courts | UC Law SF and The Huntington National Bank, Hausfeld has been recognized as the top firm out of the 25 analyzed, having recovered 121 settlements, totaling over $5.54 billion, 2009-2022. The 2022 Antitrust Annual Report provides an overview of antitrust class actions litigated in US federal court from 2009 through 2022. It addresses various topics, including the number of antitrust class action complaints filed each year, the amount of time on average to reach a settlement, the mean and median recoveries, attorneys' fees and costs awarded, the total settlement amounts in each year and overall, the law firms that represented plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust class action settlements, and the cumulative totals for claims administrators involved in the settlement process.

Recognizing the firm's antitrust prowess, the Global Competition Review notes that 'The Hausfeld team has established themselves as one of – if not the – top Plaintiffs' antitrust firm in the U.S.' and Legal 500 consistently ranks Hausfeld among the top 5 firms in the United States for plaintiff representation in antitrust litigation.

Having built one of the largest plaintiffs' private competition/antitrust enforcement teams in the US, our talented lawyers have a solid track record of:

  • Successfully litigating and resolving the world's most significant plaintiffs' private competition/antitrust enforcement actions
  • Recovering billions of dollars for our clients and businesses that we have been appointed by courts to represent
  • Counseling clients on the antitrust implications of various business practices and alternative approaches that eliminate or reduce potential risk
  • Advising clients of potential recovery opportunities concerning anticompetitive conduct
  • Seamlessly cooperating with our European colleagues to develop a litigation strategy for those clients requiring a coordinated approach to their global claims.
  • As legal pioneers in the global Big Tech and Digital Markets space, we are transforming the practice of law with new ideas and are bringing antitrust and competition claims others aren’t bold enough to bring.

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