Hausfeld response to the House of Lords paper on Brexit: competition and State Aid

Last week, the Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee’s released its report on Brexit: competition and State aid. Hausfeld submitted its response to the consultation in October 2017.

Overall the report outlines that “in developing the UK's future competition regime, there is an opportunity to design a more inclusive system that better reflects domestic needs and priorities. The Government should launch a consultative process - involving all relevant stakeholders - to inform its decisions in this regard, and any related legislation.”

Commenting on the report, Partner Scott Campbell says:

“Brexit offers both challenges and opportunities for competition law practitioners in the UK. We welcome the report by the Lords Committee and are delighted that Hausfeld has been reference throughout. As leaders in the competition field, we are always seeking ways to innovate and seeing prospects where others may see difficulties. The UK has helped to drive the pro-competition and anti-trust philosophy of the EU and we don’t believe that Brexit means that this will trend will go into reverse.”

The Lord’s full report.