GCR100 2018 names Hausfeld as the only Elite firm for its European Claimant category

Last week Global Competition Review released its Global 100 rankings and named Hausfeld as the sole ‘Elite’ firm in its EU claimants bar category.

The publication says:

“Hausfeld stands out for the breadth of its practice within its exclusive focus on plaintiff litigation. The US-based firm is well-established and busy in the UK, Brussels, Netherlands, and Germany, while also maintaining a presence in other less active jurisdictions. With European offices in London, Brussels, Berlin and Düsseldorf as of February 2017, Hausfeld offers its clients the ability to forum shop to an unusual extent.”

A substantial number of Hausfeld’s cases are not yet in the public domain, but those that are constitute some of the most significant ongoing cases in the European claimants’ bar. Co-headed by Anthony Maton in London, Laurent Geelhand in Brussels, and Christopher Rother in Berlin, the firm frequently acts as a continent-wide private claims consultant for companies with a global span.

Hausfeld’s dedication and innovation place it on the cutting edge of damages litigation in Europe."

The full review and rankings.