19 Hausfeld lawyers recognized by Who’s Who Legal, Competition 2021

Who’s Who Legal’s new Competition Guide 2021 recognizes 19 Hausfeld lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic for their pioneering work in antitrust / competition. The publication identifies some 400 of the world’s foremost competition lawyers and 90 economists. The featured individuals received the biggest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources.

In addition, six of the 19 lawyers are recognized as ‘Thought Leaders’ in this field, with a further three receiving the accolade of ‘Global Elite Thought Leader’.

Our congratulations to everyone listed below (in alphabetical order):

Global Elite Thought Leaders

  • Megan Jones, US: “Receives widespread recognition as ‘a fantastic lawyer’ who is ‘highly capable’ in complex antitrust actions”.
  • Anthony Maton, UK: “Considered to be a ‘key practitioner’ acting on behalf of claimants in the electronics and manufacturing sectors”.
  • Anna Morfey, UK: “Receives widespread acclaim for her ‘excellent class actions knowledge’ and strong background in cartel investigations”.

Thought Leaders

In addition to the three individuals above:

  • Nicola Boyle, UK: “Held in high esteem by sources who highly recommend her first-rate practice in follow-on cartel damages claims”.
  • Michael Hausfeld, US: “Earns significant approval as a doyen of competition and antitrust litigation. His previous cases include representing individual and classes across the gamut of antitrust matters”.
  • Brian Ratner, US: “Held to be a go-to practitioner on account of his prolific experience litigating domestic and European antitrust claims”.

Competition 2021 Global Leaders

 In addition to the six lawyers mentioned above, the following lawyers across US, UK and the rest of Europe are being recognized as global leaders in their field:

  • Tim Brown, UK
  • Andrew Bullion, UK: “Garners plaudits for his substantial experience in litigating complex competition and securities matters.”
  • Scott Campbell, UK: “Has established a reputation as a leading litigator acting on behalf of competition damages claimants”.
  • Lianne Craig, UK
  • Laurent Geelhand, France / Belgium / UK
  • Lesley Hannah, UK: “ Is celebrated for her incisive handling of multi-party competition claims and deep knowledge of abuse of dominance disputes”.
  • Thomas Höppner, Germany
  • Alex Petrasincu, Germany: "He is excellent for private enforcement matters", "Alex is one of the best claims litigators in Germany", "He is a simply fantastic lawyer", "Alex is clearly one of the leading practitioners at the German competition plaintiffs bar".
  • Brent Landau, US: “Receives praise for being “an excellent lawyer” in monopolisation and price fixing claims”.
  • Christopher Lebsock, US: “Esteemed as ‘a highly skilled plaintiff class action attorney in the antitrust market’. His ‘expansive economic and econometric expert opinions’ are also praised".
  • Michael Lehmann, US
  • Irving Scher, US: “Receives a plethora of recommendations for his decades of experience in antitrust and trade practice litigation”.
  • Hilary K Scherrer, US: “Wholeheartedly recommended” by peers for her “smart, collegial and common-sense approach” to representing individuals and companies in antitrust litigation.

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