At Hausfeld, we are proud of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our firm. 

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We aspire to build upon our diverse and inclusive work environment, rooted in valuing different viewpoints, to drive continued collaboration and innovation.

With the leadership of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committees, we are continually examining and improving all aspects of our recruiting, hiring, training, career progression, leader development, policies and practices to ensure a diverse and dynamic work environment. 

By nurturing collegiality and inclusiveness within our firm, we know that we produce better results for our clients and the communities we serve.

Our commitment to racial justice

At Hausfeld, achieving racial justice, inclusivity, and equity is core to our values. We list some examples of how we live out our values, both through our legal work and within the firm internally.

Advancing causes through casework

Hausfeld attorneys have represented victims of apartheid in South Africa, black Americans persecuted in the Tulsa race riots and their survivors, as well as plaintiffs in a racial-bias discrimination case against Texaco, Inc., among other civil rights and pro bono cases. Today, the firm continues to fight for victims of deeply-ingrained inequities, including taking on intersectional challenges like climate change litigation and advocacy.

Supporting change-makers

US initiatives

For over a decade, we have supported the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, which seeks to exonerate innocent convicted individuals, who are disproportionately persons of color. In addition we ran a significant donation and employee matching program for the Equal Justice Initiative, the National Urban League, and the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, with ultimate donations over $50,000. The firm has also joined the Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance (LFAA), a group with the strategic goal of changing the way institutions deal with racial inequality.

UK initiatives

In collaboration with the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, we have  worked with students of underprivileged backgrounds in London with the aim of increasing social mobility in the profession.

Change comes from within

In the US, we joined the Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule for Midsize Firms, an innovative national initiative modeled after the original Mansfield Rule, committing the firm to consider an intentionally broad and diverse pool of candidates when selecting leaders for positions within the firm, hiring entry-level and lateral attorneys, positioning lawyers for case leadership roles, and forming teams for client pitches.

We also have a 1L Diversity Fellowship Program in which a 1L law student from a historically underrepresented background participates in the US summer associate program and receives a $10,000 scholarship toward the student’s law school costs.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committees have facilitated:

  • a series of mandatory trainings, including anti-bias and diversity, equity & inclusion training for all management, attorneys, and staff.
  • a global “Unconscious Bias” training for employees across all Hausfeld’s offices, conducted by diversity expert Michelle Silverthorn, the author of “Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good” and the CEO of Inclusion Nation.
  • education initiatives on racial justice issues and anti-racism in connection with the firm’s recognition of Juneteenth and the UK’s Black History Month.
  • a firm-wide talk by Tracy O'Brien from the  Race Equality Group in the UK who discussed the silences and shortcomings in the way that Black British History has been portrayed, and what can be done to change this for the better.
  • local book club initiatives to discuss books purchased for employees around themes of black lives matter, racial justice, feminism, bias against women and what we can do to constantly improve our environment.

Our work on racial justice is far from done, and there is a long way to go. But with our collective commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we will continue to strive for improvement and work towards a more just world.


Frances  Jenkins

As a female mid-level lawyer, I am inspired by the abundance of positive female role models (both at partner and non-partner level) as well as male colleagues who care passionately about senior female representation in law.

Frances Jenkins

  • Associate
  • London
Brian A. Ratner

Every day I learn something new and am inspired by the team through their work, approach, and diverse life experiences. Here, we celebrate our differences. I take great pride in our empowering culture which is a key part of the Hausfeld DNA. This culture enriches our firm and enables us to better serve our dynamic client base.

Brian A. Ratner

  • Vice Chair
  • Washington, DC
Reena A. Gambhir

We all thrive in an inclusive environment, and quickly encounter a diversity of experiences through our cutting-edge work.

Reena A. Gambhir

  • Partner
  • Washington, DC
Ginevra  Bicciolo

From day one, I have felt that I could be myself at Hausfeld.  The firm is beyond inclusive: it invests in individual strengths and potential, fostering a culture of belonging where you feel you can thrive.

Ginevra Bicciolo

  • Associate
  • London
Swathi  Bojedla

From junior associate to senior partner, Hausfeld is committed to ensuring every voice is heard, and to elevating those of us who don’t always get a voice. As a woman of color, Hausfeld has encouraged me to manage high-profile litigation, take on leadership roles, and develop a courtroom presence, demonstrating how Hausfeld lives its ideals.

Swathi Bojedla

  • Partner
  • Washington, DC
Irving  Scher

In July 2015, I was welcomed at Hausfeld after more than 50 years practicing on the defense side of the law. It has been the most rewarding, exhilarating, and collegial experience of my career. Never have I had the opportunity to work with so many colleagues who excel in their practice areas.

Irving Scher

  • Senior Counsel
  • New York
Lianne  Craig

The firm has supported me throughout my journey, allowing me the flexibility to flourish at home as well as at work and giving me the self-confidence to reach higher than I might ever have imagined in a more traditional law firm. I am very proud to be a part of the Hausfeld family and I love that my daughters are growing up believing that they can be a force for good.

Lianne Craig

  • Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London
Catherine  Woodward Gill

We integrate principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do at Hausfeld.  Whether it is the work we pursue or the opportunities we provide people, DEI is top of mind and part of our daily dialogue.

Catherine Woodward Gill

  • Global Chief Operating Officer
  • Boston, Washington, DC, London
Jamie  Nicolaides

Trainees are treated as core and valued members of case teams and given the opportunity to be involved with substantive work and high levels of responsibility from an early stage, gaining skills and experience in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Jamie Nicolaides

  • Trainee Solicitor
  • London
Tom  Bolster

The passion we all share for upholding justice fosters a truly inclusive atmosphere where my faith and day-to-day work are compatible while also mutually re-enforcing. For example, I was able to set up, with other colleagues in London, a vibrant discussion group where everyone can freely discuss issues of justice, compassion and forgiveness (amongst others).

Tom Bolster

  • Partner
  • London, Paris
Lucy  Pert

It is a privilege to work in a firm that has such a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion and is willing to have the difficult discussions and make the decisions to put words into practice rather than playing lip service.

Lucy Pert

  • Partner
  • London
Sara  Trouillot

Hausfeld has been at the forefront of the D&I fight for years and continues to play a meaningful role in achieving equity in our society. I am proud to work for a firm where D&I is front of mind.

Sara Trouillot

  • Staff Attorney
  • Washington, DC




We are from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds and generations bringing different views to the table and making for a better firm.



The team also includes dual-qualified lawyers admitted to the Bar in Australia, France, Greece, Spain and New Zealand. 



We are a gender diverse firm.



We have an excellent track record of promoting women worldwide.