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COVID-19 has resulted in many uncertainties and challenges due to the constantly evolving nature of the pandemic. Decisions taken today may determine the future of our world and the businesses within it. We are here to help.

Driving Ambition

Hausfeld represents Fortune Global 500 companies in their cartel damage claims against suppliers arising from the worldwide auto parts cartel that spanned dozens of parts, companies, and countries.

Healthy Competition

In the face of rising healthcare costs, Hausfeld represents health insurance subscribers, pharmacies, union funds, and consumers who have had to shoulder the burden of increased prices as a result of anticompetitive conduct.

Level Playing Field

When no one else would confront the status quo, we represented college athletes and challenged the NCAA’s refusal to share television and videogame revenues—culminating in a historic victory. Today, we represent sports businesses and current and former athletes in a wide variety of matters.

Robust Markets

Hausfeld represents investors in the world’s largest financial markets and has secured billions of dollars in recoveries in cases alleging financial misconduct against many of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Ahead of the Pack

From claims arising from anticompetitive conduct to large scale disputes, we deliver unparalleled results.

Global Reach

Our unique combination of a vibrant European presence, U.S. offices on both coasts, and global network offers clients the ability to seek redress or confront disputes in every corner of the world and across every industry.

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Search our experienced team of litigators who advise the world’s leading organizations.

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Our innovative approach resolves complex disputes and delivers unparalleled results.

The Practice

From anticompetitive conduct to large scale disputes, we develop global litigation strategies.

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