Hausfeld is leading the conversation with regard to competition, market dominance, privacy, and data breach across Digital Markets through its innovative and groundbreaking litigation and thought leadership. 

Antitrust and Competition policy and enforcement within the global Digital Markets sector is rapidly evolving to address anticompetitive abuses of dominant market positions that harm competition and smaller rivals. Agencies in the US, UK, EU, and around the world are taking on the challenge of regulating the market power of the dominant companies in the Digital Markets ecosystem. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence are also pushing the limits of long-established competition law. Do these smart technologies require antitrust law to adapt further to protect consumers and competition?

Meanwhile, data breaches and ransomware across the globe are affecting millions of companies and individuals and leaving sensitive personal information exposed through mismanagement and targeted cybercrimes. Legislators, regulators, and corporate leaders around the world are scrambling to put policies in place to ensure that the free flow of data is protected without jeopardizing sensitive personal information.

Our dedicated Digital Markets hub is a repository of information related to the ongoing discussion around latest developments and the urgent role that the law can and must play in this space. We share our thoughts and invite you to join the conversation.

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