LawTech Live

Forte Markets LawTech LIVE conference, took place virtually on 9 December, offering the opportunity to hear from leading experts on the latest in technology with regards to LegalTech, digital transformation in law, futureproofing the legal profession, JusticeTech and more.

Partner Lucy Pert took to the stage as keynote speaker to discuss ‘Using Technology to Promote Access to Justice’ at 1.45 pm, covering key topics such as:

  • The expense of litigation
  • Use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce cost?
  • E-disclosure and document management
  • Legal research
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Client management in group claims
  • Judicial sanction of use of AI in disclosure
  • Increased use of technology/AI in judicial decision-making process
  • Possible issues e.g bias


Lucy Pert

Lucy Pert

  • Co-Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London