IBA Annual Litigation Forum: Litigation in the digital era

In this increasingly complex and interconnected world, it has become essential for commercial dispute resolution lawyers to be able to navigate the cross-border, transnational litigation landscape.

The IBA gathered for its Annual Litigation Forum in Buenos Aires where attendees networked with leading jurists, corporate counsel, other corporate officers responsible for the management of litigation, managing partners and anyone managing and resolving complex litigation.

The conference discussed the most up-to-date dispute resolution issues facing the profession today:

  • The international sanctions regime
  • Enforcement against frozen or confiscated assets
  • Sovereign immunity
  • Antisuit injunctions
  • The challenge of litigating the same case against global corporations in different jurisdictions

Lucy Pert, Partner Hausfeld chaired a workshop which was joined by Irene Arevalo, Gomez-Acebo & Pombo; David Jandrasits, Schwärzler Attonerys; Andrew Kazin, Bronster and Raimundo Moereno, Cariola Diez Perez-Catopas. 

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The event was held on 5 May at the Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Lucy Pert

Lucy Pert

  • Co-Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London