Hausfeld implements raft of innovative policies and well-being initiatives

As part of an extensive policy review, Hausfeld London introduced a range of initiatives that redefine workplace norms with the aim to continue to enhance its employees’ well-being and work-life balance and to continue to develop its inclusive and supportive environment.

“With these initiatives we further build on our culture of trust, autonomy, and work-life integration which has always been at the heart of what we offer. The UK market is very competitive, but we believe that employees adopt a more holistic approach when they decide on the next step in their career, and salaries are not the only consideration."

Alice Buck, Director HR & Operations at Hausfeld London

She adds:

“Working for an entrepreneurial firm offers more autonomy and an opportunity to bring pioneering cases, but during our extensive conversations internally during the last few months, it also became clear that besides a competitive salary, our employees want more of a say in how they work and when.”

Agile working hours and flexible working patterns

In acknowledgment of the diverse needs and likes of our employees, flexible work hours and working remotely has been part of Hausfeld’s offering from the very beginning. This allows everyone, subject to client and business needs, to tailor their working hours to align with their most productive times, family commitments, and personal responsibilities. We ask people to be in the office for 8 days a month at least. This mostly coincides with team, client or case meetings. They can decide to concentrate attendance or spread evenly, and how they attend can differ from month to month.

Competitive paternity leave: redefining parenthood

We enhanced our Paternity Leave Policy to offer employees the opportunity to take up to twelve weeks’ paternity leave with full pay. This also includes non-birth or adoptive parents. With this policy the father can be present during their child's early life.

Life events policy

Hausfeld recognises that people may need time to deal with challenging personal situations. Using a kind and flexible approach, we agree with the employee a discretionary period of absence during difficult periods in their lives. Non-exhaustive examples are illness and bereavement of a friend, family or pet, pregnancy loss, medical or fertility treatment, menopause, gender reassignment and/or caring responsibilities.

Well-being days

As part of our commitment to the well-being of the team, we are introducing two well-being days during a calendar year. This initiative allows employees to take the day off for any purpose they choose.

Volunteering day: create meaningful change beyond the workplace

In addition to the many DEI initiatives by our dedicated DEI partners, DEI Committee and working groups, we support our employees' passion for making a positive impact and have introduced a Volunteering Day. Each employee can spend one day in any calendar year at full pay, so they can contribute to a cause they deeply care about.

Flexible bank holidays policy

We are mindful that the bank holidays in the UK are centred around the Christian holidays. Our Flexible Bank Holidays Policy allows employees to swap up to four bank holidays - Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday - for other dates. For example, employees can swap it for a day to celebrate Hannukah or Eid, but it doesn’t just apply to religious celebrations; they may simply want to celebrate a relative’s birthday or events like PRIDE instead.

Summer policy: enjoying the summer

Everyone at the firm works hard and it is important to enjoy the summer. Last July and August Hausfeld adopted ‘summer hours’ where employees could - subject to client and business needs - log off at 4.00 pm on Friday. We also tested out a policy which granted employees - with the same caveat - the flexibility to work from anywhere for two weeks in August 2023, which could be combined with up to two weeks annual leave before or after. This was much used and appreciated, while we were able to continue to serve our clients to our normal high standards, so we have decided to repeat both initiatives this year by allowing 2 weeks of remote working anytime during a 12 month period, and adopting 'summer hours' in August 2024.

“Well-being, work-life balance and doing good are clearly important. As Hausfeld propels itself into a new era of progressive workplace practices, we believe the raft of initiatives distinguish us as a trailblazer in the industry. We are continuously evolving - for example, our policies for sabbaticals and extended leave will be rolled out imminently. After all, a happy and engaged team leads to enhanced creativity, new ideas and success.”

Alice Buck, Director HR & Operations at Hausfeld London

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