Litigation Funding webinar

The use of litigation funding continues to evolve rapidly, offering businesses viable opportunities to pursue complex, often expensive litigation or arbitration cases. Working with funders helps firms to manage financial legal risks to ensure greater certainty for themselves and their clients.

During a webinar hosted by AlixPartners on 19 November, expert panellists – including Partner Lesley Hannah – looked at different aspects of litigation funding, responding to questions regarding its main benefits, scope for growth and how such funding benefits the world of antitrust and collective actions:

  • Are a significant proportion of corporates and law firms missing the additional value that funders bring to a case? 
  • What is that value and what can the funding market do to press home the message?
  • In the collective action space, market players are have embraced the use of funding. What can be learned from this area of the market to support wider uptake in, for example, commercial litigation?
  • What are the main benefits that partnerships between law firms and funders bring to clients ? 
  • Are concerns around lack of independence valid? 
  • How can funders and law firms manage any negative perceptions?
  • What scope is there for this growth also to be reflected in the worlds of antitrust and collective actions?
  • A recent AlixPartners survey suggests that disputes market participants expect funding to be used across a wider variety of cases and to become more common on larger, more complex commercial cases. Do our panellists agree? 
  • What scope is there for this growth to also be reflected in the worlds of antitrust and collective actions?

As Hausfeld was an early adopter of litigation funding and has therefore built strong relationships with leading funders, Lesley was well placed to share her knowledge and expertise on this topic.