Building the Law Firm of the Future

The International Bar Association hosted their ‘Building the Law Firm of the Future’ conference, in London, on 22nd November with panellists comprising acknowledged experts and law firm leaders, who offered their thoughts on how different law firms will become in the future.

London Partner and Head of Commercial Disputes, Lianne Craig, joined the panel exploring ‘Things that smaller/medium sized law can do to position themselves for change’. Lianne joined Hausfeld in 2010, shortly after its launch in London, and has been a prominent contributor to the success of the firm’s growth. Her first-hand experience of practice in a constantly expanding law firm, and the commercial disputes practice growth from 2 partners to 6 in the last three years, offered good insight.

Further topics of conversation, which sparked food for thought on where law firms will be in five to ten years, included:

  • What ‘normal’ law firms are doing to turn a law office into a 4.0 office
  • Three ways in which law firms will be different in five or ten years from now
  • How to make change happen
  • What can we learn from other professions?
  • Big needs small and small needs big
  • Managing partner conduct and behaviour in law firms
  • Things that smaller/medium sized law can do to position themselves for change
  • A panel of leading general counsel from major multi-national clients