COVID19 Inquiry: “The treatment of the vaccine injured in this country has historically been a source of shame”

On Wednesday 13 September the Inquiry held the first Preliminary Hearing in Module 4 of the UK COVID19 Inquiry.

Module 4 of the Inquiry – Vaccines and Therapeutics – will examine issues concerning vaccine safety, the experience of those injured or bereaved by vaccination, and the suitability of the Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979 to provide adequate redress for those affected by vaccine injury or bereavement: Vaccines and therapeutics (Module 4) - UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

Hausfeld are acting for a group of individuals and families who have been injured or bereaved because of a complication of the AstraZeneca COVID19 vaccine which medical experts have described as “Vaccine Induced Immune Thromobsis with Thrombocytopenia” or VITT.

On Wednesday 13 September, the Inquiry heard submissions from Anna Morris KC, instructed by Hudgells, on behalf of VIBUK, a campaign group supported by Hausfeld. The submissions covered key themes of vaccine safety and the paucity of information and support available to those affected by vaccine injury or bereavement in the UK, resulting in what Anna Morris KC has termed “a second trauma”.

In making her submissions on behalf of VIBUK, Anna Morris KC urged the Inquiry to listen to the voices of the vaccine injured and bereaved and to recognise that “the treatment of the vaccine injured in this country has historically been a source of shame”, and that more must be done to ensure that those impacted by vaccine harm, who can demonstrate the link between vaccination and injury or death, should not be forced to deal with “anti-vax” stigma and abuse for sharing their experiences.

Sarah Moore, the partner leading the AstraZeneca VITT Litigation at Hausfeld commented:

“The UK COVID19 Inquiry will be running in parallel with the Hausfeld VITT litigation. There will undoubtedly be overlapping themes and issues and we will be following the course of the Inquiry closely working alongside the Team at Hudgells. For many of those whom we represent, the last 2 years have been devastating – they have suffered catastrophic injury or bereavement as a result of AstraZeneca vaccination and then the trauma of “anti-vax” shaming and stigma which was laid bare before the Inquiry this week. Somehow, those whom we represent have have found the strength and determination to hold AstraZeneca to account through litigation, and it is reassuring to know that Baroness Hallett and her Team at the Inquiry will provide a further public forum for examining the safety of the vaccine roll-out during the pandemic and gleaning crucial lessons to better safeguard UK citizens in future pandemics.”

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