Georgetown Advanced E-Discovery Institute

On November 10, Hausfeld Partner Nathaniel C. Giddings will be a panelist at Georgetown’s Advanced E-Discovery Institute. Nathaniel will participate on the panel, “Breaking Bad: Fixing Your Broken Process for Handling Discovery of Modern Communications.” The conference will occur on November 9 and 10 at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel.

The conference explores how technology has moved from science fiction to the reality of affecting nearly every aspect of our existence, impacting jobs, transforming industries, and touching virtually every piece of our daily lives. Against this backdrop, the Georgetown Global Advanced eDiscovery Institute is, once again, ready to tackle the complex challenges those in our field face daily when applying legal concepts to constantly emerging technology.

The panel, “Breaking Bad: Fixing Your Broken Process for Handling Discovery of Modern Communications,” discusses how effective is your client’s process for handling the collection, processing, analysis, and production of modern communications. If anecdotal evidence is any gauge, chances are your client’s process is either bad, broken, or worse. And yet, modern communications—text, chat, and ephemeral messages—are frequently material forms of evidence that parties need to preserve or obtain in discovery and require an effective process to ensure they can be produced and used as evidence in litigation. In this session, a panel of experts will examine the complexities surrounding the discovery of modern communications and offer practical, actionable recommendations for addressing the issues.