Can class actions get off the ground in the UK without technology or funding?

In a live webinar, hosts FinLegal and Sky Discovery brought together a panel of leading experts in the UK class action space to debate current trends in the market. The online event took place on Thursday, 21 April 2022 between 12.30 h and 13.30 h.


Hausfeld Partner, Lucy Pert, joined Susan Dunn, Founder of Harbour Litigation; Genevieve Quierin, Partner at Stephenson Harwood and Andrew Nugent-Smith, Managing Director at Keller Lenkner. They came together to share their expert opinions on a series of topics as listed below. One of the key questions tackled is how technology and funding benefit these types of actions, and their importance for the future success of these actions in the UK.


  • What are the main market forces driving the class action regime in the UK?
  • What role does litigation funding play in assisting these types of actions?
  • How has technology been used as an enabler for these types of claims?
  • Is the future opt-in, opt-out or both?
  • What's next for the UK class action regime?


Lucy Pert

Lucy Pert

  • Co-Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London