Standing by Ukraine and its people

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people in the face of this display of unwarranted military aggression is inspirational. As so many in the international community, we wish to show solidarity with Ukraine in whatever way we can.

Our firm has historically done very little work for Russian entities and in the spirit of the international sanctions, as well as our own firm values, will not be taking on any new instructions on behalf of any Russian or Belarusian entity while the war in Ukraine continues. We will continue to support our Ukrainian clients in any way we can.

We are keen to play a part in the humanitarian efforts to support the Ukraine and neighbouring countries. With this in mind, the firm has made a financial donation to the Red Cross.

We have a number of initiatives underway in Hausfeld offices enabling our employees to provide their support and assistance, not just as lawyers, but as fellow humans. For example, the team in Germany have agreed to provide pro bono assistance and legal aid for refugees and have donated SIM cards so that Ukrainians arriving in Germany can remain in touch with their loved ones. In London, the team is working on a number of fundraising initiatives and will be collecting essential items to send to Ukraine and nearby countries who are housing refugees.

We will continue to explore ways of supporting Ukraine and its people during this terrible time in any way we can, and our thoughts remain with them.

The Global Executive Committee