Hausfeld leads the pack for antitrust class recovery with over $5.2 billion recovered for plaintiffs between 2009 and 2019

Hausfeld is proud to announce that the firm has been recognized as the leading plaintiffs’ firm for class recovery in antitrust litigation between 2009 and 2019.  This statistic was noted in the “2019 Antitrust Annual Report” released jointly by the University of San Francisco Law School and The Huntington National Bank.  Hausfeld was listed as the top firm out of the 25 analyzed in this section of the report, having achieved an aggregate settlement class recovery totaling nearly $5.2 billion over 11 years.

The report provides insight on the number of antitrust class action complaints that are filed each year, the amount of time they took on average to reach a settlement, the mean and median recoveries, the attorneys' fees and costs awarded, and the total settlement amounts in each year and overall. The Report also analyzes the law firms that represented plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust class action settlements, describes cumulative results, and tabulates cumulative totals for claims administrators involved in the settlement process. It also addresses new issues, such as distinguishing private antitrust enforcement by particular industries, by type of claim—conspiracy claims (under Section 1 of the Sherman Act) as opposed to claims based on unilateral conduct (Section 2 of the Sherman Act)—and by type of plaintiff—whether claims were brought on behalf of direct or indirect purchasers.

To read the full report, please visit here.