Brian A. Ratner

Brian A. Ratner

  • Global Co-Chair
  • Washington, DC
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Brian is a founding partner of Hausfeld and serves as Global Co-Chair of the firm. He has extensive experience representing U.S. and international businesses in complex litigation at the trial and appellate levels. He is particularly experienced in litigating and resolving antitrust claims in U.S. and European courts, recovering billions of dollars for his corporate clients and the classes he has represented.

Brian’s broad global experience demonstrates his ability to tackle and find solutions for the most novel legal issues, as well as represent his clients at all stages of global antitrust litigation and other complex business disputes, whether in the discovery, damages, trial, appeal or settlement phase, or whether in the U.S., Europe, or globally. This unique combination enables him to counsel and act for clients comprehensively, in a commercially sensitive manner, and wherever necessary.


Brian represents clients from a wide range of sectors including automotive, retail, transportation, petroleum, utility, pharma, financial services, and technology.

Brian currently represents or has represented purchasers of auto parts, rail freight, maritime car carrier services, air freight services, carbon graphite, polyurethane foam, paraffin wax, marine hose, Visa/MasterCard services, trucks, power cables, elevators, and pre-stressing steel in their individual cartel damage claims in the US, Europe and/or globally. In the marine hose matter, on behalf of a group of oil and gas companies, he led the negotiations with cartelist Parker ITR which produced a first of its kind private global settlement agreement.

Many of Brian's diverse clients are listed in the US and Global Fortune 100 and Fortune 500.