Our work attracts world-wide attention.

Hausfeld combines its U.S. offices on both coasts and vibrant European presence in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Düsseldorf, with a broad and deep international network of law firms around the globe to offer clients the ability to seek redress or confront disputes in every corner of the world and across every industry.


By combining zealous advocacy with savvy negotiating skills and business sensibility, we have achieved landmark trial victories and recovered billions in the United States.


Operating from London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Düsseldorf, Hausfeld has the edge in tackling cross-jurisdictional competition disputes and negotiating global settlements.


Hausfeld lawyers have achieved many precedent-setting legal decisions and settlements on behalf of clients involved in complex cases worldwide. We have negotiated some of the world's most complex settlement agreements and our lawyers have collectively recovered or obtained judgments in the billions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

While settlements range from small to large, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to our clients' satisfaction. We judge a successful resolution not merely by the amount, but also by the time it took to achieve the resolution, the costs incurred along the way, and the collateral damage we avoided or mitigated during the process.

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