Hausfeld has responded to the Competition and Markets Authority’s Consultation on its draft annual plan 2021-22

The consultation aimed to give interested parties the opportunity to provide views and comments on the CMA’s main themes for the upcoming year. The annual plan will impact the CMA’s priorities in the year ahead. As the leading competition litigation firm in Europe for claimants, Hausfeld welcomes the opportunity to voice its views on the CMA’s plan.  

In its response, Hausfeld has emphasised the importance of the following topics for the 2021-22 agenda:

  • The CMA’s future relationship with the European Commission and how Brexit might impact concurrent regulators in the UK.
  • The developing regime for the regulation of digital markets.
  • The potential for the CMA to acquire fining powers for breaches of consumer law.
  • The potential benefits of increasing the CMA’s enforcement activities in the areas of competition and consumer law.

CMA workplan.
Hausfeld's response to the annual plan.