AIJA Half Year Conference

AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) hosted its 2021 Half Year Conference in Dubai between 16 – 19 November. As the world re-opens, the conference focusesd around three pillars: 1) international disputes 2021 and how to tackle new challenges and resolve disputes in a post-COVID world; 2) managing global challenges and 3) labour law challenges in a world of accelerated change.

As a member of the organising committee, Ned Beale chaired the panel ‘Innovations in reconciling governing laws and jurisdictions’ on 17 November, joined by expert speakers:

  • Dr. Majed Al Rasheed, former Secretary General of the Bankruptcy Committee in KSA
  • Zahra Rose Khawaja, Dentons, United Arab Emirates
  • Matthew Watson, 3 Verulam Buildings
  • Stéphane de Navacelle, Navacelle Avocats, France

The panel discussed the arbitration procedures that are encouraged to resolve disputes in the Middle East and explore topics surrounding the Shari’a courts and the body of Shari’a law. 


Ned Beale

Ned Beale

  • Co-Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London