Quarto Plates and Stainless Steel Cartels

At the end of 2019, the Federal Cartel Office found that four flat steel producers had colluded on their prices for quarto plate in Germany in the period from mid-2002 to June 2016, thereby probably harming their customers. In 2018, the Federal Cartel Office had already uncovered price fixing in the stainless steel sector in the period from 2004 to November 2015.

In total, fines of more than 900 million euros were imposed on the cartelists. The amount of the fines suggests considerable damage on the part of steel buyers.

Hausfeld is asserting its claim for antitrust damages on behalf of injured purchasers of quarto plate and stainless steel. For the calculation of damages required for this, the law firm works together with recognised competition economists. In this way, the affected companies can be offered a quick and efficient initial assessment of the possible damage.

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