Hausfeld announces final approval of $350 million settlement in data breach class action against T-Mobile

A $350 million settlement reached on behalf of potential, former and current customers in In re: T-Mobile Customer Data Security Breach Litigation received final approval on June 29, 2023.

Hausfeld represented the class of T-Mobile customers who claimed that T-Mobile collects and maintains their confidential personal information, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, unique technical identifiers tethered to customers’ mobile phones, and other identifying information unique to each customer. This resulted in one or more cybercriminals exploiting T-Mobile’s data security protocols, gaining access to personally identifiable information (PII). After the cybercriminals stole a large portion of the data, the hacker or hackers publicly listed the customers’ PII for sale on the dark web.

The class includes approximately 76.6 million U.S. residents identified by T-Mobile whose information was compromised in the Data Breach. The settlement reached will account for damages that the class incurred, including multiple Class Representatives who suffered from identity theft and fraud as a result of the data breach.

Hausfeld attorneys working on the case include Steve Nathan, Ian Engdahl, and Renner Walker, with James Pizzirusso, Practice Group Chair, serving as Co-Lead Interim Class Counsel.