Impact of COVID-19 on antitrust and competition enforcement

COVID-19 has significantly impacted antitrust / competition enforcement globally, with both regulators and companies forced to adapt to the new normal overnight.

A recent survey by the IBA summarised how competition authorities in 44 jurisdictions have reacted to the pandemic, and which measures they have introduced to adapt to new ways of working. For the UK, London Partner and competition specialist, Anna Morfey, contributed to the IBA’s findings. She joined a global panel for a webinar discussing these issues on 19th June.

The competition experts discussed the key approaches being adopted during this pandemic and shared their views on how COVID-19 may impact future competition policies and practices. They focused on three key topics:

  • Mergers (failing firm before COVID and arguments brought as a result).
  • Conducts (cooperation crisis cartel: differences and lessons learned) and interpretation of excessive pricing.
  • Procedures (virtual meetings and hearings, and reducing future administration).