Mercedes emissions claim

Mercedes-Benz is alleged to have cheated emissions tests on certain Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles manufactured between 2009 and 2018. Individuals or businesses who owned or leased such diesel cars may have been misled and paid a premium for Mercedes’s supposedly more environmentally friendly engineering. If they misled their own customers, those who bought the vehicles in good faith deserve compensation.

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Mercedes owners or lessees

Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners and past owners may be due compensation after Mercedes allegedly installed devices in diesel vehicles that could cheat emissions tests. If you or your company bought or leased a diesel Mercedes-Benz vehicle (whether a car or a van) manufactured between 2009 and 2018, you may be entitled to compensation.

Which models were affected?

Various diesel Mercedes-Benz branded models are affected, including:

C-CLASS                    CITAN                CLS                          E-CLASS
G-CLASS                    GLC                   GLE                          GLK
M-CLASS                    ML                     S-CLASS                 SLK
SPRINTER                  V-CLASS           VITO

Why the claim?

On several occasions during 2018/19, the German transport authority required Mercedes to recall diesel vehicles which it had found to contain an inadmissible device and/or impermissible reduction in the effectiveness of emissions control systems. Furthermore, in July 2021, the European Commission found that Mercedes had breached EU antitrust laws from 2006 to 2014 by colluding to restrict competition in the development of technology to clean the emissions of, amongst other things, diesel passenger cars.

Who is eligible to join the claim?

If you or your company purchased or leased a diesel Mercedes-Benz vehicle in England or Wales that was manufactured between 2009 and 2018, you may be eligible to join the claim. Using this simple tool will help determine if you purchased or leased one or more of the approximately 470,000 affected Mercedes vehicles in the United Kingdom.  Simply enter your car model, registration number and email address.

How much compensation?

It is likely that each claimant may receive thousands of pounds per vehicle. At this stage, it is difficult to predict the exact level of compensation as this will depend on a number of factors (the vehicle model, age and purchase/lease price you paid for example).

What will it cost to join the claim?

The claim will be funded by Black Hammer Capital who will finance the claim in full. Claimants are not required to pay any costs upfront or during the claim. If you lose your claim, you will not have to pay any legal fees. This is the risk the litigation funder takes. If you win your claim, you will keep approximately 60% of your compensation with the remainder going towards the costs of bringing your claim.

Where will the claim be pursued?

The claim will be pursued in England in collaboration with a number of other claimant firms bringing similar cases.  Thousands of claims have already been issued in the High Court with a view to joining all the claims together under a Group Litigation Order.

How to join

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