Truckmakers can't escape EU cartel findings in UK cases

On Wednesday 3rd March, a tribunal in London ruled that findings from the EC’\s €2.93 billion ($3.25 billion) cartel settlement with multiple truck manufacturers in 2016, are binding on several damages claims that have been brought against them in the UK.

In its preliminary ruling, the CAT states that if the truck manufacturers were allowed to deny admissions made in the commission decision, this would result in an abuse of process, and thus be unfair for claimants.

Partner and competition specialist, Anna Morfey, represents Suez, Veolia and Wolseley in the prominent Trucks cartel litigation, making her perfectly placed to share her views.

Speaking to Paige Long of Law360, Anna explains:

"Wednesday's ruling is significant for all claimants seeking damages following on from EU settlement decisions. It is now clear that cartelists cannot subscribe to the commission's version of events when it benefits them (namely to secure a reduction in their fine and shorten the investigative procedure) and contest those same findings when the victims of their collusion seek to rely on them to recover compensation."

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