Fairytale of New York: product liability law in the UK

A recent ‘forum non conveniens’ judgment in New York describes the UK as a hostile jurisdiction for claimants seeking to hold Big Pharma to account. 

Many lawyers in the UK will recognise the accuracy of that description and the systemic issues that have prevented claimants being more successful against Big Pharma in the UK.

Sarah Moore, who recently joined the London team to broaden our product liability practice, argues that it is crucial that UK litigators find new ways to hold Big Pharma to account now, more than ever before.

In an article first published by New Law Journal in December 2020, Sarah explores Mrs Fletcher’s product liability claim against New York-registered defendants, Estee Lauder Inc and Clinique Laboratories LLC, the vicious cycle limiting access to justice for those harmed by Big Pharma in the UK and the moral dilemmas involved.

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