2024 sees rise of ESG, group actions and insolvency disputes

London litigation lawyers predict environmental-related cases, group actions and insolvency disputes to increase next year.

Each year asks its members their views around key litigation issues and procedural reforms to help inform and influence the debate.

City A.M. exclusively reported that the majority of litigants surveyed (65%) envisaged an increase in environmental/ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) claims, closely followed by class actions, collective claims and group litigation (at 62%). 59% of lawyers believe disputes related to insolvency and business distress will increase.

Committee member of the LSLA and Head of Commercial Disputes at Hausfeld, John McElroy, was quoted: “2023 saw stricter regulatory and disclosure requirements and growing investor pressure as well as a raft of climate litigation worldwide to hold governments and corporates to account. 2024 should see an increase in investor or shareholder climate claims which highlight the commercial risks of the climate crisis and how companies address it”.

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