American Bar Association: Antitrust Masters Course

On October 21 and 22nd, Hausfeld Partner Jeannine Kenney served as a panelist during the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Masters Course. The three-day program offered an opportunity for younger members of firms to learn from and connect with speakers who are masters in the antitrust field. The course took place at The Notary Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This program examined issues within antitrust law and how the practice is moving and adapting for the future. Jeannine Kenney joined other seasoned antitrust professionals as they explored and discussed topics surrounding government litigation, private litigation, and merger practice.

Jeannine participated in the “Class Certification” and “Pleading and Proving Conspiracy” discussion panels. In “Class Certification,” Jeannine joined panelists H. Holden Brooks and D. Bruce Hoffman in discussing the importance of certification and how it can influence the outcome of a verdict in an antitrust case. The next day, Jeannine was a panelist on the “Pleading and Proving Conspiracy” alongside Anna Neill and Richard Parker. This session investigated the most effective way to plead an anti-competitive agreement and defeat claims on the pleadings.