Bruce J. Wecker

Bruce J. Wecker

  • Of Counsel
  • San Francisco


Bruce has participated in high stakes antitrust and patent and trade secret litigation including seminal cases over several decades.

Prior to joining the firm, Bruce was a partner at Hosie Rice LLP, The Furth Firm and Furth, Fahrner & Mason where he worked on antitrust, intellectual property and a variety of class action cases.


Bruce has represented a variety of companies in patent and trade secret litigation against an array of companies in the computer hardware and software businesses. In patent cases, he has represented both the patentee and accused infringer.

In the seventies, Bruce represented Kellogg Company in defending Federal Trade Commission charges of a “Shared Monopoly.” In the eighties, he represented the forerunner of Sprint, in antitrust actions against AT&T that paralleled the government action leading to the divestiture of the Bell System. In the nineties, he represented Billy Sullivan in his suit against the National Football League, to establish that its restriction on public ownership of teams violated the antitrust laws.