Big tech and beyond: the role of opt-out collective proceedings in private enforcement

For some six years, the opt-out collective proceedings regime has been a feature of the competition law private enforcement landscape in England and Wales, driven by a need to provide consumers and businesses with a viable avenue to obtain redress for breaches of competition law.

Claims seeking redress against Big Tech for their anti-competitive practices are becoming increasingly prevalent, with two claims recently filed against key players Apple and Google – an unsurprising trend in light of the tremendous growth in digital markets in recent years, and the competition concerns that have accompanied that growth.

Technology and competition specialists, Lucy Rigby, Luke Streatfeild and Sofie Edwards share an in-depth review of the technology market, current opt-out collective proceedings before the tribunal against Big Tech and what’s on the horizon for the future - – including now that the regime more generally is picking up steam, following the recent decision in Le Patourel v BT

The full chapter - which was first published by ICLG in the International Comparative Legal Guide - Competition Litigation 2022. 

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