Sean Zehmer

Sean Zehmer

  • Senior Attorney
  • Washington, DC
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Sean is a Senior Attorney at the firm’s Washington, DC office. His work spans all stages of complex MDL litigation and focuses on antitrust and competition law. Sean’s prior legal experience involved various commercial and civil matters, including contract disputes and environmental insurance recovery. Additionally, Sean worked as a German translator to establish the provenance of stolen artwork during World War II and aided in the recovery of the art.

Before practicing law, he worked at a private equity firm with an investment focus on health care companies and technologies. He assisted in launching the firm’s new compliance program with the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking of the District of Columbia and researched and wrote industry reports covering the Affordable Care Act, Medicare fraud, and home health care trends.

In 2023, Sean was recognized in the Pragmatic Award category, an award given to those persons who have demonstrated level-headedness and a thoughtful approach to dealing with any problem or situation they confront, one of five award categories that make up the Hausfeld Values Awards, an annual recognition program that highlights the achievements of Hausfeld team members based on their significant contributions made and results achieved over the prior calendar year.


Sean represents clients from a wide array of industries, including individual investors, investment funds, chemical manufacturers, and multinational corporations harmed by anticompetitive conduct.