German Federal Cartel Office imposes Millions in fines on wholesalers of pesticides

In December 2019 and January 2020, the German Federal Cartel Office (“Bundeskartellamt”) imposed fines totalling EUR 154.6 million on seven wholesalers of pesticides. According to the Federal Cartel Office´s findings, the seven wholesalers agreed upon price lists, discounts as well as net prices for pesticides from 1998 until March 2015.

As six of the cartel members cooperated with the Federal Cartel Office and agreed to terminate the proceeding by settlement, the Federal Cartel Office granted substantial reductions regarding the imposed fines. Overall, the Federal Cartel Office´s decision indicates that buyers of pesticides affected by the cartel are likely to have suffered considerable damages as a result of the agreements.

In cooperation with renowned competition economists, Hausfeld will support affected farmers and agricultural companies to quickly and efficiently obtain a first estimate of the individual damage and to enforce claims for damages.            

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