Pro Bono and Environmental Justice

During Pro Bono Week UK 2021, LawWorks, A4ID and Environmental Law Foundation’s afternoon webinar on 4 November looked at the ‘bigger picture’ and past and future challenges for pro bono. Coinciding with the ground-breaking COP26 conference, the spotlight was on the contribution that pro bono can make to environmental justice, at community level and globally, while also considering its limitations.

Hausfeld Partner Wessen Jazrawi joined the panel alongside Emma Montlake, Environmental Law Foundation; Matt Hunt, PGMBM; Richard Owen, Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law and Joe Tan & Thomas Istasse, A4ID to discuss how the law can be a tool to create and inform solutions, but rendered useless without effective access to environmental justice.

The right of citizens to challenge environmental decisions through legal redress routes with the appropriate support and services on environmental law issues is fundamental to achieving any notion of environmental justice. The topic is becoming particularly prominent in light of the ongoing global climate crisis and will undoubtedly develop further, this discussion was therefore one not to be missed.