Insourcing e-discovery? The benefits of bringing your e-discovery processes in-house

This virtual roundtable facilitated by Events 4 Sure explored the benefits of insourcing e-discovery activities and the impact it could have on transparency, data protection and predictability.

Lucy Pert joined this expert panel of attorneys, in-house counsel, tech and data & cybersecurity experts. They discussed:

  • The benefits of insourcing your e-discovery activities
  • The advantages of a single end-to-end legal GRC platform to handle all your critical needs
  • The importance of data discovery technologies to identify and categorise all your data
  • Mitigating organizational impacts of a data breach
  • Effectively reduce data volumes requiring review, time spent on collections and data transfers, exposure of important data to security threats


Lucy Pert

Lucy Pert

  • Co-Head of Commercial Disputes and Partner
  • London