Climate Litigation and Activism Summit 2021

The threats imposed by the ongoing climate crisis continue to gather pace globally, resulting in a significant increase in climate change litigation and activism - a risk which businesses cannot afford to ignore. On 23 November, City & Financial Global hosted a Climate Litigation and Activism Virtual Summit, providing detailed analysis of key issues and practical guidance on how to effectively mitigate this risk. 

At 1:45pm Partner John McElroy spoke on ‘Constructing creative climate litigation strategies’. He did so as spokesperson on behalf of the London Solicitor Litigation Association (LSLA). He recently authored several thought leadership pieces on climate litigation, notably for the New Law Journal examining the current and future landscape of climate change litigation in England & Wales, and for an energy journal summarising what the key cases and future trends in climate litigation tell us. In addition, Hausfeld has extensive experience in this field having undertaken ground-breaking climate cases, including representing child climate activists from 12 countries – including Greta Thunberg – at the United Nations.

Further key topics addressed throughout the day included, but were not limited to:

  • Recent activism and litigation and activism in the boardroom and directors’ liability
  • Constructing creative climate litigation strategies; how to identify climate litigation and what’s next on the horizon?
  • Navigating the greenwashing minefield
  • Managing climate risk: strategies for in-house legal teams