CIArb: let’s discuss AI fundamentals in ADR

New technology has become an integral part of the legal profession over recent years. However, when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), it has also become a stumbling block. AI tools are capable of significantly increasing our professional efficiency, but unconditional reliance on AI may also adversely affect the procedural efficiency of all forms of private dispute resolution.

On 9 May, Partner, John McElroy will join a panel on ‘AI and ADR the theory and practice’. Together with Kateryna Honcharenko, Stephen Dowling, Monica Crespo, Johnny Shearman, and Claire Morel de Westgaver, they will discuss AI fundamentals in ADR:

  • The realm of AI, including AI tools and their application.
  • How AI can be utilised in an efficient and safe manner, and what parties, counsel and tribunals should consider before using AI tools.

Practical information

This event will take place online between 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm on 9 May.
This session will be free to CIArb members.

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