The Collective Cast - Collective proceedings against Google re UK PlayStore

In this 7th episode of #TheCollectiveCast, Lesley Hannah, Lucy Rigby and Kio Gwilliam are joined by Liz Coll, the consumer champion and proposed class representative on the collective proceedings recently launched against Google on behalf of UK PlayStore users.

Discussion focusses on Ms Coll's motivations for bringing the case, the role of private enforcement and collective redress when it comes to tackling the conduct of the technology giants and Google's recent appeal of the Commission's Android decision in the General Court. (*)

(*) The opinions expressed in this podcast are made in good faith and while every care has been taken in preparing the content, Hausfeld & Co LLP gives no warranties in respect of this podcast, including but not limited to the accuracy or completeness of information, facts and/or opinions contained therein. We recommend listeners to take specific legal advice when dealing with legal issues and transactions. 

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