Global giant Google: criticism and analysis - Podcast

Thomas Höppner is a guest on the "MachtWas!?!" podcast and sheds light on the fascinating tech company Alphabet, aka Google, from many different angles. The episode focuses on, among other things, facts relating to the revenue and structure of Google, its status as a digital gatekeeper and its influence on society overall. (*)

The most important timecodes of this MachtWas!?! episode:

  • 00:04:17: Corporate structures and products
  • 00:10:59: Core business - advertising
  • 00:22:23: Where does the criticism come from?
  • 00:36:36: Google as gatekeeper
  • 00:41:20: Social perception of Google
  • 00:50:15: Splitting up Google and potential competitors
  • 01:05:17: Social influence
  • 01:22:31: Growth prospects and threats

The full episode

(*) The opinions expressed in this podcast are made in good faith and while every care has been taken in preparing the content, Hausfeld & Co LLP gives no warranties in respect of this podcast, including but not limited to the accuracy or completeness of information, facts and/or opinions contained therein. We recommend listeners to take specific legal advice when dealing with legal issues and transactions. 

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