Michael is a senior commercial litigation lawyer best known for his work on complex litigation and arbitration matters, particularly in the technology area. 


Michael has worked on some of the world’s largest technology programmes and disputes, including those arising from large-scale tech and outsourcing projects, software licensing arrangements, breach of confidence, distribution/agency arrangements and data breach/cyber-security.

In close co-operation with the Society for Computers and Law, he co-led an initiative to create a bespoke adjudication procedure for use in relation to technology disputes, launched in October 2019. Michael was also selected as as a member of the SCLA panel of adjudicators - a small group of tech law professionals with experience of both technology and dispute resolution matters.

Outside the tech area, Michael's broader commercial litigation experience includes High Court and arbitration work in the construction, engineering, energy, life sciences and media sectors.


He has represented global supplier/vendor organisations on matters arising in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Other clients in the tech area include app developers, internet businesses, telecommunications companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, government departments/public bodies and other purchasers or users of computer systems and services.