Hausfeld responds to the Competition and Markets Authority’s Consultation on its draft annual plan for 2022-23

The consultation gives interested parties the opportunity to provide views and comments on the CMA’s main themes for the upcoming year which is key as the annual plan will impact the CMA’s priorities in the year ahead.

As the leading competition litigation firm in Europe for claimants, we welcomed the opportunity to voice our views on the CMA’s plan. In our response, we emphasised the importance of the following topics for the 2022-23 agenda:

  • The CMA’s focus on protecting consumers and small and medium sized enterprises from anti-competitive behaviour through increased competition enforcement.
  • The potential for the CMA to acquire fining powers for breaches of consumer law and to align its procedural mechanisms for breaches of consumer law which currently exist for breaches of competition law.
  • The developing regime for the regulation of digital markets.
  • The CMA’s relationship with the European Commission and other concurrent regulators in the UK following Brexit.
  • The CMA’s role in supporting the transition to low carbon growth.

Our full response sets out the details.

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