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Commercial and Financial Services Litigation

Our team has extensive experience in litigating financial services disputes, ranging from heavyweight “bank-on-bank” litigation, to regulatory (FSA/SFO) investigations and litigation on behalf of smaller businesses and consumers.

Wide Range of Expertise

From fraudulent misrepresentation by financial institutions to mis-selling swaps, our team of experts provides a range of advice in general commercial litigation matters and financial services disputes. Hausfeld does not only litigate, but actively engages with the regulators and lobbies for legislative reform in order to provide the best advice and help to all our clients.

Global Presence

There has been an increase in regulatory oversight for financial services both at national and EU level in financial services which feeds into the way we run our cases. Recent regulatory decisions and findings against major banks who played a role in some of the biggest financial markets in the world remain an important springboard for our casework. We are currently developing group actions related to LIBOR, Foreign Exchange (FOREX) and Credit Default Swaps (CDS) which are fed by the impressive experience of our US Team.

Dedicated Team

Our financial services team specialises in acting for claimants pursuing high value claims (typically over £10m) against major banks, like Lloyds, UBS or RBS. We also act for small businesses many of whom fell victim to the illegal practices employed by financial institutions around the time the financial crisis unfolded and in its aftermath. We take a stand alongside the clients who have found themselves in liquidation, taking full benefit of the powers and concessions granted by statute to the liquidators, and not shying away from challenging those administrators who are not acting in our client’s best interest.

We currently act in over a dozen High Court actions including claims in connection with LIBOR rigging and mis-selling of interest rate hedging products. We are also involved in a number of shareholder / investor protection actions under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and have significant experience in acting for large claimant groups.

In order to achieve the best results, we are not afraid to take on an ongoing case where e.g. claimants are unhappy with their current representation and the trial date is imminent. For example, in the “Guardian Care Homes” case, Hausfeld has been instructed only four months before the trial and succeeded in winning the case.

Innovative Funding Structure

We have always employed innovative fee and engagement structures which suit our client’s individual needs. Through our existing relationship with third party funders and insurers, we are able to provide our client’s with low-risk advice and limit the litigation cost.

Please contact Anthony Maton and Lianne Craig for more information.

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