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Melinda R. Coolidge

Tasked by the firm to evaluate potential antitrust cases and recommend a course of action, Melinda Coolidge assists a wide range of clients with an efficient analysis of their circumstances. She enjoys devising creative solutions for clients while managing complex litigation.

As a partner in the Washington, D.C. office, Melinda focuses on complex antitrust cases. Melinda plays a lead role in the firm’s representation of various car manufacturers and other OEMs, working to recover damages incurred from the massive worldwide auto parts cartel. The cartel has resulted in over 80 guilty pleas in the United States, and fines and decisions by regulatory authorities around the world. She represents a class of end-payors of Thalomid and Revlimid in antitrust litigation against Celgene, and a class of direct purchasers of Zymar and Zymaxid in antitrust litigation against Allergan, Kyorin, and Senju. In another antitrust class action, she represents a class of poultry growers alleging a nationwide conspiracy among vertically-integrated poultry companies to suppress and maintain compensation for growing services below competitive levels. She also represents freight forwarders and other direct purchasers of air cargo shipping services against a worldwide price-fixing cartel in the In re Air Cargo Antitrust Litigation, in which her clients and the class have recovered over $1 billion in settlements. In 2013, Melinda served on the trial team for the plaintiff class at trial in the In re Vitamin C Antitrust Litigation, which secured a trebled jury verdict of $162 million against Chinese vitamin C manufacturer defendants. And as the primary brief writer on liability issues in the firm’s In re Prempro Products Liability Litigation, Melinda represented dozens of women in a mass tort action against Pfizer and Wyeth over their hormone replacement therapy and links to breast cancer. 

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