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James J. Pizzirusso

While still in law school, James argued and won his first trial in the Court of Federal Claims under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program representing a family whose daughter had been severely injured (Dela Rosa v. Sec’y. of Health and Human Services, 2001 WL 1056928, NO. 93-433v (Aug. 14, 2001)). Since that time, he has pursued justice on behalf of his clients, both domestically and abroad, in a wide variety of practice areas and on behalf of notable clients -- including musicians and professional athletes. James’ distinctive approach to litigation has resulted in recoveries of hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients and class members and numerous professional accolades.

James is a partner in Hausfeld’s Washington, DC office. He has a diverse practice centering on consumer protection and cybersecurity/privacy law, antitrust law (with an emphasis in agriculture), environmental torts, and sports and entertainment law. In addition to practicing law, James has served as a Visiting Professor at George Washington University Law School.

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