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Andrew Bullion

Andrew, a founding partner of Hausfeld, brings two decades’ experience successfully litigating complex competition, securities derivatives, and other matters on behalf of corporate claimants and defendants. Andrew has represented some of the world’s most recognisable undertakings, including some of the largest logistics companies, and has led proceedings before the UK High Court and the Competition Appeals Tribunal, several additional European jurisdictions including the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland, as well as the US Federal District Courts. 

He has advised on claims arising out of price fixing cartels such as Car Glass and other anticompetitive behaviour related to the automotive industry.  He also played a leading role in defending the Freight Forwarders litigation, the cement cartel and the elevator cartel.

In parallel, Andrew has provided antitrust consulting to several multinational companies and associations. Andrew’s list of clients includes, H&M, Tetra Pak, Post Nord, Geodis, DSV, and other globally known members of the Forbes Global 500.

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