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Michael Hausfeld Named Titan of the Plaintiffs Bar by Law360

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Law360 cites Michael Hausfeld's recent victory against the NCAA and long career of successes across a wide range of cases by naming him Titan of the Plaintiffs Bar. 

Law360 notes:

"For Hausfeld, the decision to bring the [NCAA] case on behalf of former University of California, Los Angeles, basketball star Ed O'Bannon and a class of other Division I men's football and basketball players was as simple as his decisions to take on everything from pursuing Holocaust reparations from German industrial giants to bringing one of the first workplace sexual harassment suits. After pursuing enough unconventional cases, Hausfeld became renowned for his creativity. People with difficult issues began to land at Hausfeld's doorstep, often on referrals from other attorneys. And when Hausfeld saw a cause or a case worth pursuing, the man who says he "grew up with a strong background in terms of pursuing a sense of justice" would take on the client."

Law360 also references Hausfeld's venture into the European market years before the competition: 

"Of course, if an attorney can recover billions of dollars in damages in a U.S. courthouse over conduct that happened in Europe, one might wonder why an American plaintiffs lawyer would leave those relatively friendly climes for European jurisdictions without much of a tradition of private antitrust litigation. But Hausfeld and his firm ventured there with a London office, years before European lawmakers passed a package of reforms designed to make it easier for victims to bring cartel damages claims across the European Union."

"He can see things that other people don't see and … that applies to cases, but it also applies to the firm," said Hausfeld partner Brent Landau. "To Michael's credit he was able to foresee that there was a need that wasn't being met and a path to accomplish it, and through a lot of persistence and perseverance we got to where we are now, which is a very successful practice over there."

"While observers might have once scoffed at the decision to head for Europe, now Hausfeld seems "more like a first mover," according WilmerHale's Eric Mahr, who has faced off against Hausfeld and worked with him on an American Bar Association committee focused on civil redress outside the U.S. "Five or 10 years from now he's going to be established in what will likely be a pretty robust civil redress system in Europe, and then you'll see a lot of plaintiffs firms going over there," Mahr said. "At that point Michael probably will have already moved on to India or Brazil or even China."

Indeed, at the beginning of October, Hausfeld launched its second international location, in Brussels.

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Hausfeld is a leading global law firm that clients trust with their most complex legal disputes. Our international reach enables us to advise across multiple jurisdictions and pursue claims on behalf of clients worldwide. We work closely with clients to deliver outstanding results while always addressing their business concerns. We do so by anticipating issues, considering innovative strategies, and maximizing positive outcomes of legal disputes in a way that creates shareholder value. Our risk-free approach ensures that our interests are closely aligned with the interests of our clients.

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