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Hausfeld hosts Legal Action Worldwide - LAW’s Women Lawyer’s Network in London

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Related Practice Areas: Civil and Human Rights

Globally Connecting Women Lawyers Working in Conflict.

The event will bring together UK based women lawyers to discuss progress on addressing gender based violence (GBV) through creative legal interventions with a specific focus on Somalia.

In March 2015, the network developed a short action plan to challenge low levels of prosecution of sexual violence. We will now focus on developing concrete steps to implement the action plan.

In 2014, LAW established Women Lawyers’ Network: Working in Conflict in order to address the global issue of increasing access to justice for women and children. The aim of the network is to establish and facilitate connections between women lawyers from the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. The network supports and empowers women lawyers working in conflict areas so that they can more readily address the challenges before them and at the same time provides international women lawyers with on-the-ground knowledge and direct insights of their experiences.

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